Only registered Saga users can buy SGA directly from Saga’s smart contract. To do so one needs to send ETH in the desired amount to the SGAToken smart contract according to the following instructions:

  1. Make sure the address that holds the ETH is the one you entered when you registered at and the amount you wish to buy fits your current tier (and the corresponding amount limitations). 
  2. In your wallet of choice, initiate an ETH send transaction. The destination address should be that of the smart contract 0xed0849BF46CfB9845a2d900A0A4E593F2dD3673c.
  3. Set the desired ETH amount. 
  4. Set the gas price you wish. Most wallets suggest a gas price according to Etherum’s current cognition. 
  5. Gas limit should be set to 500,000. Don’t worry, you won’t use all of it. Just to be on the safe side. 
  6. Confirm the transaction. 
  7. Once the transaction is mined, the smart contract will send the corresponding amount of SGAs to the same wallet. Once this transaction is mined, you should see the SGA tokens in your wallet.